PLATINA CB LLC informs you about closing some of its correspondent accounts
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Open an account in the Platina Bank in 5 minutes
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Platina Bank offers rental of safe deposit boxes in the Fedukovo branch
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Working hours of the Platina Commercial Bank during the Russia’s Independence Day
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Working hours of Platina Commercial Bank's cash office change from August 12
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Brief stats of the Platina Bank

    Assets and liabilities
  • Half of the assets are represented by funds in the correspondent accounts with the Bank of Russia and world’s major banks
  • Part of the assets (20%) is represented by security deposits with the communication providers, which is better than funds in the correspondent accounts
  • Amount of loans equals the amount of capital and provisions
  • The bank has a strategy of becoming independent from loans by virtue of deposits of individuals in place
  • All assets equal double the amount of the capital and provisions
  • Retained earnings comprise 95% of the capital
  • Throughout 25 years the loan default index has been at 0.01%

  • Strategic payment infrastructure
  • 250 customer banks
  • Over 600 thousand partner payment acceptance points across the country
  • Over 1 million retail payments processed daily represented by more than 1,000 incoming and 20,000 outgoing payment orders
  • Fee income comprises about 90% of the revenue
  • Throughout 25 years of operation all payments have been processed on a same-day-basis
  • Ready and fine-tuned platform for replacing SWIFT (CyberFT)

  • Relations with the Bank of Russia
  • Throughout 25 years of work neither Bank of Russia, nor clients had any issues
  • Constant rating in the classification of economic performance of banks with the Bank of Russia is 2.1
  • Recognized by the Bank of Russia as financial institution influential on the payment services market
  • Throughout 25 years of work the bank has never cashed out or done any money transits
  • └A vigorous participant of the regulatory base developed for combating money laundering and financing of terrorism:
    • Wrote an instruction on combating split payments without ID
    • Consults the Bank of Russia on combating cashing out via terminals