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is the most popular debit card all over the globe.

VISA Electron Plus is inexpensive to maintain and is used to substitute "pocket-money" carried around in cash. It is not so terrible if a VISA Electron Plus card is lost, because reading of information from this card, when withdrawing cash funds or paying for goods and services, is performed only electronically which makes it difficult to forge the card. Authorisation is mandatory for each operation performed with the use of this card. In case of loss or theft by an intruder, the card is immediately blocked and becomes unfit for further use after the cardholder notifies the bank.

Platina Bank offers VISA Electron Plus to everyone who is interested and recommends to use this card, first of all, for withdrawing cash from the personal account through ATMs, as well as for making big purchases.

VISA Electron Plus is also convenient when used by travelling children who reached the age of 14 years old and as an additional card to cards VISA PLATINUM / GOLD / CLASSIC.

Is your card secure?

VISA Electron Plus is one of the most secure cards. Reading of information from this card, when withdrawing cash or paying for goods and services, is performed only electronically which makes it difficult to forge the card. For each transaction made on this card the issuing bank should perform authorisation having checked the accuracy of the information read by electronic devices. When the card is lost or stolen by an intruder, the cardholder notifies the bank of such an occurrence and the bank immediately blocks the card. Further use of the card becomes impossible.

What is necessary to obtain a card?

In order to obtain a card our clients are required to execute the following documents:

  • fill in the Application form;
  • sign Tariffs for issuing and maintenance of international plastic cards of Platina Bank and Rules for use of international plastic card "Bank Platina -VISA Electron";
  • provide photocopies of the Russian internal passport, as well as the travelling passport (if available);

The set of documents should be submitted to the Client Support Service of the Bank. The Card will be made and issued to the client within 3 business days.

The cardholder has the right to obtain an additional card for a family member or relative at an extra charge.

How to deposit money to the card account?

Platina Bank opens for the client a special card account in US dollars.

The client can refill the balance of the special card account as in roubles, so in foreign currency in one of the following ways:

  • with cash through the cash desks of supplementary offices of Platina Bank;
  • by funds transfer to the correspondent account of Platina Bank;
  • by funds transfer from another account with Platina Bank;
  • using the electronic payment system via the Internet.

If the funds are credited to the special card account in the currency other than US dollars, then these funds will be converted at the Bank's rate as of the date of transaction.

The special card account of the client can be refilled by any person other than the cardholder (for example, the client's employer can transfer on a monthly basis to this account the salary, bonus or any other payments of similar nature).

How will the client know what happens to their funds?

The client can check the real funds balance on the special card account having ordered the mode "STATEMENT" in an ATM.

Each month the client receives on a special form a report containing full information on the card's funds flow: places and amounts of purchases and cash withdrawals made by the client, commission fee rates, and the balance.

Besides, the client can call the phone number +7 495 913 86 14 to the Client Support Service, receive the same information and get control of their expenses, as well as check the accuracy of crediting or debiting of funds to and from the special card account.

How to use the card?

While paying for purchases and services, or receiving cash using the card, the client spends the funds that were credited to their special card account. When the need arises, the client refills the funds on their account by making current inpayments in one of the above ways.

While making purchases or withdrawing cash in the acceptance system, an authorisation - a special verification of the card and check of the balance on the special card account - is conducted. The authorisation results in obtaining permission for making such a transaction or in a rejection.

Upon obtaining the permission, the client signs the printout of the point-of-sale terminal (receipt) having previously made sure that this document contains correct indications of the card number, currency type, and transaction date. The first copy of the receipt will be presented to the client who is recommended to keep all documents related to the use of the card for the purpose of settlement of disputes, should such disputes arise.

When using the card to receive cash in exchange offices or other banking institutions, the clients will need to show an identification document. Likewise, when using the card to pay for goods and services, different organizations accepting cards for payment may require from the client to show an identification document.

As the client receives the card, they will be provided a list of branches, exchange offices, and ATMs of Platina Bank. It is not only convenient to receive cash funds in these locations but such arrangement allows clients to either avoid the transaction commission fee or bring its rate down in accordance with the Tariffs of Platina Bank.

How does the Bank maintain special card accounts?

Accounting of all transactions on the client's card is carried out in US dollars.

Should the client pay for purchases or receive cash in a currency other than US dollars, the conversion is made at the official rate of the international payment system VISA International that is focused on the average rates of the leading currency markets of the world.

When receiving cash down payments at the branches and through the ATMs of Platina Bank in roubles, the funds conversion is made at the rate of Platina Bank as of the date of debiting funds from the client's special card account.

When the client pays for goods and services or receives cash, the Bank debits transaction amounts from their special card account, as well as sums of commission fees according to the Tariffs of Platina Bank.

What should the client do if the card is lost?

If the card is lost or stolen, the client should call the phone number +7 495 913 86 14 to the Client Support Service Platina Bank will take all necessary measures to interdict transaction on the client's card.

What other plastic cards does Platina Bank issue?

We are ready to offer international credit cards VISA (Classic Card, Gold Card) to those individuals who obtain cards privately. Compared to the debit card VISA Electron Plus, other VISA cards have a more developed acceptance network - more than in 16 million retail and service outlets in 120 countries worldwide.

Practical suggestion: it is better to use a VISA card in retail and service networks because it has a wider acceptance network. Use a VISA Electron Plus card for receiving cash funds because, in this case, commission fee for this card is lower than for other VISA cards.

When using a VISA Electron Plus card and other VISA cards, it is possible to debit funds from a single special card account which enables the client not to fragmentize funds into separate accounts for different cards.

The cardholders with a good credit history are not obligated to have a security deposit commonly envisaged to receive such cards. It only takes signing a contract with Platina Bank for acquisition of a VISA card.

Along with the card itself, VISA cardholders can acquire an international insurance intended for the cardholders who travel outside the Russian Federation.

Who maintains international plastic cards?

Platina Bank has a strong technical basis, advanced technology, and highly-qualified personnel at its disposal. Maintenance of cards is performed on the basis of the own processing center which obtained certification of the international payment system VISA International.
We will be happy to provide support to our new clients at the highest international level.

Telephone: +7 (495) 913-86-14, +7 (495) 967-01-00; Fax: +7 (495) 967-06-00

e-mail: cards@platina.ru

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